Woot Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge Ep. 19 is ouuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I am uber excited about this episode because of what happened at the end of last episode; Mao-neechan confessed her feeling to Kouichi. The situation at their house becomes so awkward everytime they see each other. Although, Mao-neechan said that she has no intention trying to break Kouichi with Hoshino, Kouichi has become totally absent-minded and spaced out a lot, especially in class. Since Mao broke up with Kai, he also seems to ignore her when the two met at the shoe locker place and he still couldn’t accept that Mao-neechan broke up with him from the look of it.




Despite of all what is going on with the main characters, the whole school is busy and start preparing for the upcoming culture festival. Aihara and Kouichi have been forcefully appointed to supervise class exhibit. Seeing Kouichi is appointed, Hoshino quickly volunteered and received quite a cheer from her classmate. On the other hand, the 3rd year seems have no motivation to do anything since their focus is studying and preparing for exams and Nana and Narumi will be having an Udon stand with the help of 2 of their classmates: Yuzuki Kaoruko and Hiba Manami.







Aihara has not totally given up yet on Futami and he still talks to her. He told her that he couldn’t forget about her even though the experiment is over. In addition, he also confesses to her O_O although Futami does not think of him that way. He doesn’t give up so easily, does he ?



The filming continues in preparation for the culture festival and they got it down to the last scene. Mao-neechan got into her acting too much and it’s no longer a normal scene/act but instead she said what really in her heart about herself and Kouichi and how it would be nice if they weren’t a childhood friend. Mao-neechan is really crying at the end and couldn’t stop her tears (due to her contact lens; pretty weak excuse I must say lol) so she runs away.