Arghhhhh… Shinsen-subs released Gundam OO ep. 19 late at night which made me staying up late -_-. There is no way, I am going to wait until tomorrow. It’s one of those episodes where you just couldn’t wait ^_^. Continuing from last week episode where Exia starts attacking the Throne. Johan ordered Michael to engage Exia in one on one battle. For few seconds, it looks like an even match but Michael’s Throne Drei has slightly an advantage which has a similar weaponry(Fang) to Providence Gundam (ZGMF-X13A Providence) or Strike Freedom Gundam (ZGMF-X20A) from Gundam Seed / Gundam Seed Destiny. It uses a DRAGOON system, a remote controller weapon pods.




And of course, Virtue came in at the right time with its long range beam. Couple next scenes are something that you probably never expect to happen. Exia and Virtue are working together as a team O_O. From earlier episodes, Trieria always has a thing for Setsuna because of the previous incident where he opened his cockpit and expose himself to the enemy so those two most likely won’t work well together or so I thought ^^. Exia and Virtue teamwork gave the Thrones some problems and even more when Trieria uses Nadleeh’s ability: The Trial System to disable any Gundams around it. Throne Eins and Throne Zwei become the victims XD. However at the last minute, the trial system was forcibly disengaged by someone (Veda).





At the end of the fight, Johan revealed Lockon’s real identity and told him that the one he has been looking for is right beside him. Lockon’s family was killed KPSA’s suicide bombing, an anti-government guerilla organization in the Krugis Republic. Among them, Sorun Ibrahim, Setsuna’s real name, was a member. The leader of KPSA was Ali Al Sarshes, the guy who Setsuna met during a mission at Moralia.





Meanwhile, Saji is still taking care of Louise diligently , however, Louise told him to go back home and go to school (Skipping class is bad ^_^) to pursue his dream. There is a pretty decent insert song when Saji is remembering his time with Louise from the first they met until Louise left for Paris. I found out from DarkMirage’s blog that the song title is called Love Today by Taja. You can get the CD from but it won’t be released until March 26th, 2008.





In this episode, Kinue found more information about Lagna from her investigation which points to Harvey Lagnam the president of the linear train industry and top of the international economic organization. In addition, Harvey Lagna is the major share holder at the company where Kinue works.




In my opinion, Celestial Being and Gundam Throne are completely separated organization but related. I know it’s contradicting but the creator of Gundam Thrones may be related to Celestial Being. As it was mentioned in Episode 16, Gundam Throne GN system is just a copy the other gundams’ GN and it’s said there might be a traitor with in Celestial Being organization who exposes all the secrets. It pretty much points to Harvey Lagna who may work for Celestial Being or worked for Celestial Being in the past and since he is a pretty powerful man and rich, he has enough resources to construct couple Gundams which may result of those 3 Gundam Thrones. Of course Lagna may have his own purpose or target which may or may not related to the Celestial Being organization itself.