A cliffhanger from last week episode, Mao-neechan was breaking up with Kai beause she fell in love with Kouichi and couldn’t get him out of her mind since he has started going out with Hoshino. She is crying on her way back home and is soaked wet from the rain. Obviously, next day , she catches a cold. Meh, this is what will happen when you are really close to your childhood friends. It is hard to think him or her as just a normal friend without any special feelings.

Mao-neechan is breaking up with Kai

Running in the rain

Mao is crying Rainy Blue

Meanwhile, Aihara is totally bored out of his mind since the experiments with Futami are over and wondering what he should do.His sister, Nana, has in idea of going to an amusement park, however, Aihara quickly refused it lol. Soon after, he gets a phone call from Sakino who asks him to meet up with her. It turns out that Sakino also asks Futami to come to talk about the experiments with Aihara. I guess Sakino felt really bad about what she said to Futami back in episode 16. Futami invites Aihara to her place to talk and have some ice coffee, however, the conversation goes really fast and Futami says the experiments are over. Futami is reminiscing with her past when she was a little girl and It seems that her parents didn’t care about her so that’s why she always thought that she is alone and/or prefer to be alone.

Aihara is bored A phone call from Sakino

Sakino, Aihara and Futami Coffee

The Experiments are over

Kouichi is really worried about Mao-neechan and he diligently is taking care of her and replacing the towel. Despite of Mao-neechan is sick, the filming continues, however, Koichi couldn’t concentrate at all because he keeps thinking of her. Meanwhile, Mao-neechan seems to be recovering and Aihara and Sakino continue their soccer practice. It seems both of them are getting closed :D. I hope they will be going out soon ^_^.

Kouichi is on the phone with Hoshino Mao-neechan

Film Club Mao-neechan is getting better

Aihara tackles Sakino Aihara and Sakino

Kouichi accidentally bumps into Kai and he asks about what happened with Mao-neechan. Kai replies to him that he broke up with her. Back at home, Kouichi is trying to console Mao-neechan, however, his effort seems to hurt Mao-neechan even more and told him to leave her alone. She gets pissed and without further thinking, she tells Kouichi that the one she likes is him.

Kouichi and Kai We broke up

Leave me alone!!! Stop it!.

The one I like is you, Kouichi

What a nice way to end an episode and it’s such a cliffhanger too just like the previous episode. I am so looking forward to next episode and see what will happen to those two (Mao-neechan and Kouichi). Will they get together ? Will Kouichi answer her feeling and break up with Hoshino ? Kouchi has liked Hoshino since mid school so I don’t think he will give her up that easy and he always thinks Mao-neechan as his big sister. Anything can happen and we will find out on the next episode ^_^.