D.Gray-man episode 70 by Shinsen-subs was out yesterday and I downloaded and watched it right away. D.Gray-man keeps getting better and better and there is none or very little fillers. Allen decided to come back in to save Fou and he couldn’t have come in at better time as Fou was about to get owned.

Allen is back


Fou is dying



Considering the condition of his body, he puts up a pretty good fight against lvl 3 demons, however, he could only last so long before his body starts to breaking into pieces. Bak and Fou try to help but their efforts are totally useless against a lvl 3 demon. Bak and Fou got hit and their particles were broken down just like Alen.



Allen is evading the demon’s attack


Allen’s body is breaking down


Bak tries to help

Meanwhile, Allen, who is on the verge of death, realizes that he couldn’t pick between humans and demons. Both sides are matter to him. His human side which fights and protects his friends and his demon side which frees the soul who bound to demons bring salvation to humans and demons. As he realizes this, his Innocence awakes in form of a white creature and with a mask and a right hand. Allen’s Innocence completely protects Bak and Fou from the Demon’s attack.

His precious thing


Live for the demons


Innocence is reviving


The Mask


Allen’s Innocence is protecting Bak and Fou

Allen activates his Innocence and the mask with white cloak merges with him. Alen’s left hand back to normal as parasitic type of weapon. Allen only needs one attack to destroy demon. His new Innocence is incredibly overpowered >.<. It’s nothing like his previous one. Before the demon dies, it tells Allen who sent it to kill him and to use Noah’s Ark to travel to Edo.

Allen’s new Innocence


Right Hand


Left Hand


Allen captured the lvl 3 demon

This is such an awesome episode. I have been waiting for this episode for a while because Allen has been trying to get his Innocence for more than 10 episodes (Episode 59 is when he started his life at Asian Branch). I guess countless of practice with Fou finally pays off. Contrary to what was believed to be the key to activate his Innocence it’s required him not only to treasure humans (his friends) but also demons. If you remember the earlier episodes, the reason he becomes an exorcist is to save those soul who bound in demons’ body. Allen’s left eye allows him to see the souls bounded in the demon’s body where in most cases are always crying to be freed for his misery.

The way I understand this, meeting with Lenalee and other people in the Dark Order causes him to forget who/what is the most precious things for him originally. When Allen thinks about his precious friends, his Innocence reacts strongly and becomes more active, however, it’s not enough to activate his Innocence so when he thinks both friends and demons, his Innocence is activated.