Episode 6 is out by Aya and Baka-wolf right after I finished posting ep 5 summary so I started downloading and watched it right away :D:D:D. A peeping tom has been roaming around school ground and many girls have been a victim. No one is able to catch the culprit because he moves so fast. As usual this episode also starts with Moka doing her usual thing in the morning: sucking Tsukune’s blood XD….. mmmm…… yummy.

Swimming Pool of Blood

Victim 1

Victim 2

Mmmmmm Yummy

Tsukune is running out of blood

Meantime, newspaper club is having its first ever club activity. Sadly the club consists only Tsukune and the girls and 1 2nd year student , Morioka Ginei, who will be in charge of everything. They are discussing or deciding on what to report for news purpose. Kurumu suggests that they should try to find who’s the peeping tom so they posted pamphlets on the wall. Ginei asked Kurumu and Moka to post them really high on the wall so he can peek at their panties. Tsukune, who looks from far away, is wondering what’s going on and approach them.

Newspaper Club



Tsukune clearly understands what Ginei is doing and trying to stop him , however, the plan is backfired as Ginei tells the girls that Tsukune sees their panties. He earns 2 slaps on his face lol and is hated by the girls especially Moka. Next morning, Moka is still angry and won’t talk to Tsukune to teach him a lesson, although, she just pretends to be angry and doesn’t really mean it. She is being cute , isn’t she ? ^^

Putting up a Phamplet


More Panties

Nose Bleet


Ginei found out that Moka has kissed Tsukune on the neck (or rather sucking his blood) so he sets another trap for Tsukune. He called Tsukune to come with him and asked him to peek at the little window which turned out to be girls’ changing room ^^;;. Ginei took some pictures of peeking and to make matters even worse, Tsukune got busted by the girls and got beaten left and right. Poor guy lol.



Angry Girls


Later at night, Ginei is trying to console Moka and making Tsukune looks like a real pervert by showing her some pics that he took earlier. Luckily Kurume and Yukari have been investigating this matter and they are able to prove that Tsukune is indeed innocent and that Ginei is the real criminal. However, Ginei hasn’t given up yet so he turns into his real form, a werewolf. It’s said in the anime that a werewolf and a vampire are pretty even in term of strength which makes sense if you watched the movie called The Underworld and The Underworld: Evolution where both tells a story about vampires and werewolves. Seeing Moka and Ginei totally reminds of the movies which I highly recommend for those who haven’t seen them yet.

Ginei is consoling Moka

2 Detectives

Ginei’s true form : A Werewolf

Moka’s true form

That being said, Moka still won the fight in 112 seconds which is longer than before. Not a lot longer before it’s still longer so I am all happy ^_^. I hope we are getting into the good parts of the anime soon because the daily school life theme is getting bored for me and I want more deeper plots and actions ^^.

Moka’s kick 1

Moka Super Kick

Ginei is beaten

Thanks to Kurumu and Yukari, Tsukune’s reputation is saved and the newspaper club releases their 1st ever newspaper about Ginei being the true culprit and how Tsukune is innocent.