I just finished watching Rosario + Vampire Episode 5 and I like this episode more compare to the previous ones due to too many panty shots. Hey , don’t get me wrong, occasional panty shots (ie. fan service) spice up the anime, however, too many of it make me lose interest.

This episode begins with Tsukune having the usual day dream and this time he is supposed to be one of soccer superstar in his school (of demons and monsters). Of course, while he is having a day dream, Moka-chan is sucking up his blood. Meh, I would want Moka-chan to suck my blood up as much as she wants. MOAAAAAARRRRRRRRR Moka-chan.





The school is having a club day so Tsukune and Moka are checking them out. It seems swimming club attracts a lot of male students including Tsukune >:). Damn it, Tsukune. You have Moka-chan right beside you and you still look at other girls O_O. Not long after, Tsukune Daydream #2 begins lol. To be honest, he should have more dreams like this, I mean, can’t beat Moka in a swimsuit. Speaking of swimsuit, I need to get Moka in swimsuit PVC one of these days. I am sure it’s already out and available somewhere. Hmmm…. maybe next month….. as I am kinda broke this month ^^;;.

What a Beauty

Moka is little bit jealous

Moka in swimsuit

Love Scene

Seeing Tsukune is being so so closed to Tamao-senpai, Moka is getting irritated more and more and at one point, senpai presses her breast against Tsukune’s back to provoke Moka. Apparently, Vampires are weak/afraid to water but water has a purifying element so whenever a vampire is closed to water, his or her power reacts to it. For me, this is like a brand new information because as far as I know, in order to kill vampires, you need to stab them with a wooden nail or repel them with garlics/onions. According to wiki, Holy water can also kill vampires , however, I don’t see how pool water has any effects on a vampire because it’s not holy water so it doesn’t make sense O_O. I need to stop thinking too much lol because it’s an anime after all so it doesn’t have to be realistic ^_^.

Moka Super Saiyajin 1

Moka Super Saiyajin 2


Moka Super Saiyajin 4

Moving on with the episode, the swimming club turns out to be a trap to lure guys so Mermaids can suck their life force as their food. And once a gain, I always thought Mermaid as a beautiful/elegant creature ( from little mermaid) and I have no idea about them sucking life force of men. Curiousity got me again so I quickly went to wiki. Just as I thought, Mermaids (like sirens) enchants sailors with their voice/singing to distract them from work and to cause shipwrecks but wiki does not mention anything about life force-sucking Mermaids. I also found something trivial in the mermaid article in wiki; the Starbucks logo has a mermaid in it and I never noticed that >.>


A mermaid is sucking life force

Anyways….. back to Rosario + Vampire……. Moka kicks Tamao senpai’ss ass easily. All she needs is just one kick and finishes the fight in 85 seconds according to the Bat. Meh… I was hoping for more actions from Moka. Every episode the fight finishes so quick :(.

Moka is kicking a mermaid’s ass

Moka Super Kick

Overall, I enjoy this episode just because fan service is much less compare to first 4 episodes. I have been hearing from those people who read the manga that they are really disappointed with the anime. Furthermore , there will be only 13 episodes in total so I don’t think it will be enough to follow the exact plot as the manga. It’s just so tempting to download the manga and read but I will endure it until I finish the anime :). I just have to post this screenshot below because it’s yummy XD. Beware of nose bleed people 😀