It all begins with how Gundam Throne pwns AEU in North Italian Region.

Gundam Throne Eins

‘Throne Eins Magic Missiles’

Eins’ Pwnage 1

‘Throne Eins Pwnage #1’

Eins’ Pwnage 2

‘Throne Eins Pwnage #2’

And Nena is having so much fun killing people……..

Nena is having fun


For some reasons, Tieria couldn’t access some information in Verda’s Communication room because his access is denied…… poor guy.

Access Denied

‘Access Denied’

Kinue is getting some top secret information(in exchange for $$$$$) from a survivor of last big battle (episode 15). He mentioned ‘Lagna’ who is the man/woman behind the Gundam Throne and he sure does not live long as he goes toward the Light soon after he leaves the bar/pub.

Secret Meeting

“Lagna? Lasagna ? Sounds yummy lol”

The light

‘The Light’

Nena is bored with all this killings and missions from Lagna so she is going to kill Louise’ parents and relatives while she is passing by the wedding banquet.

Just Die!!!!

‘Just Die’



After countless defeats, a Flag finally wins against a Gundam lol, although, it’s with a modified but hey, a win is a win right ? . Graham sure takes his time in defeating a Gundam :).

Flag is winning

‘Modified Flag’



Saji finally can afford the golden earrings that Louise has been wanting (Refer Ep. 15 ) but Louise could not wear becase she lost her hands during the attack then she starts crying and so does Saji. Oh my, a lot of emo scenes from those 2 in this episode.

Saji and Louise

‘Saji and Louise’

All actions from Gundam Throne meisters got Setsuna into some really deep thoughts on the beach and he decides that he is going to eliminate Throne Meisters.

Setsuna is thinking

‘Setsuna is thinking’




This episode is surely interesting and I couldn’t believe it when I saw Nena shooting at people at Louise’s cousin wedding. That’s so random and I literally said ‘WTF’ to myself and my sister who happened to be watching it with me. Although, I kinda see it coming from previous episode when they killed Professor Eiffman just because he knows little too much.

Another thing that surprised me too is when Graham beat the crap out of Johann’s Throne Eins. That’s some uber pwnage. I guess it does not matter how good your gundam is, pilot skill matters after all. The only difference I saw on the ‘modified’ Flag is one extra sword and it can’t possibly beat one of the Throne suddenly.