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Saku’s Thoughts Has Been Revived

After four months of downtime, I finally revived my blog – Saku’s Thoughts ( Setting up a self-hosted WordPress site took a lot of effort in term of site maintenance. Since I just wanted to blog without having to worry about upgrades and plugins, I switched from self hosted to

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Another cosplayer that I recently followed on facebook – Luvnatsu Cosplay. Check out her Facebook page and you won’t regret it. She did some amazing cosplays I’ve ever seen.

Akame ga Kill!


In a fantasy world, everyone’s dream is to go to imperial capital, be well-known, work their way up in the ranks and make a lots of money. From the outside, imperial capital looks like a peaceful place, however, darkness is hidden within the city where corruption by government officials running rampant. Prime minister, who indirectly rules the capital  behind a king who’s just a little kid, lead and is the source of all bad things happening in imperial capital.


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Rail Wars!


Rail wars takes place in modern Japan where all rail ways are managed by a government body called Japan National Railway or it’s more well-known as JNR instead of being privatized.


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Sailor Moon Crystal



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Glasslip takes place in a small town in Fukui Prefecture surrounded by mountains and sea.



Main heroine of Glasslip is a 3rd year highschool girl named Touko Fukami. Her family runs a glass-working family business and Touko’s dream is to become a glass artisan. Touko usually hangs out with her four best friends,Yukinari Imi, Sachi Nagamiya, HIro Shirosaki and Yanagi Takayama at a café named Kazemichi who’s owned by Hiro’s grandfather and it’s also where they work part-time as a waiter or a waitress.

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Tokyo Ghoul



Tokyo Ghoul is set in a fictional city of Tokyo which is haunted by mysterious ghouls who, in order to survive, are devouring humans. Normal ghouls need just one human flesh to survive for thirty days.

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Final Fantasy XIV – Defenders of Eorzea – Patch 2.3 Notes

Source: Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita

Locodol - Nanako Usami


Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita or shortly known as Locodol tells a story about life of high school girl named Nanako Usami and her senpai Yukari Konihita who aims to become a local idol (Locodol) for Nagarekawa town.

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Anime Season Summer 2014 Watch List

With most anime spring season 2014 wrapped out their final episode last week and this week, we’re looking forward to anime season summer 2014 which will start this or next week. So what’s in your watch list? Here’s mine.

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